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Wide Hand Trowel

This Trowel is an essential, robust tool for planting and transplanting. 

Straight Pruning Saw Tool 300ST

The Husqvarna 300ST pruning saw comes with a 400mm straight blade featuring precision hardened toothing.

Splitting Axe S2800

A more powerful Splitting Axe made for splitting larger logs. 

Multi-Change Springtine Rake

This Springtine Rake has a unique curved fan shape and a wide raking span which effectively cleans and collects grass from large areas.

Multi-Change Soil Rake

This Soil Rake is an ideal all-rounder rake for a range of gardening tasks.

Multi-Change Small Handle

This rustproof aluminium handle, with its practical multi-change safety lock, guarantees a safe and secure tool-to-handle connection.

Multi-Change Small Draw Hoe 10cm

This Small Draw Hoe is ideal for hoeing and weeding in small, confined areas such as densely planted flower beds. 

Multi-Change Handle 118cm

This lightweight handle with a comfortable red sleeve is a 118cm long and made from strong rustproof aluminium.

MUlti-Change Dutch Hoe 13cm

This Dutch Hoe has a traditional design which enables slice through weeds with minimal effort.

Hedge Shears

These Traditional Hedge Shears provide you with the power required to cut through even thick branches. 

Hand Grubber

This Hand Grubber features three pointed tines to make quick and easy work of breaking up tougher ground, helping to loosen and aerate the soil.

Gardening Gloves

Washable Soil Care Gardening Gloves.

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